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Entire home remodel

Backyard Patio Renovation

When I was about to remodeling a house I found Prestige California Builders. The attention to detail was so impressive. This is a very good company with good quality stuff to offer. They have really nice stuff. It was a good experience. They all are really reliable and responsible at this company.

Our construction additions don’t just stop at the creation of one room, but sometimes an entire home remodel! Our client wanted to revamp just one room at first but, then soon after decided he wanted an entire new home design. Now everyone knows that the process to build a house is not an easy task, but our specialized home builders got to this extreme home renovation with ease. Building houses is actually one of our greatest specialties, and we love to start a project from scratch. We took a simple and older one story home and transformed it into a two story dream home built to fit our client’s every desire.

Our team at Prestige California Builders not only deals with large remodels but considers the small remodels just as important...

Patio Addition

Backyard Patio Renovation

Backyard Deck Addition

Backyard Patio Renovation

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