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Black and White Kitchen

Small Kitchen Renovation

The designers provided us with the great black and white kitchen ideas. When they have installed black and white kitchen cabinets I thought I would never be so happy. There was not an instance that I can remember in which they went back to fix a detail. Excellent job!

When our clients purchased their first apartment as a new couple they were extremely ecstatic. Unfortunately, their poorly designed small kitchen only put a damper on their happy moment. Our team sought out to find the best small kitchen design ideas possible. Small kitchen layouts, especially as this one, are difficult to change drastically so we decided to keep the previous layout.
After finally deciding on a modern kitchen design, we paired black kitchen cabinets with a marble black and white accent kitchen countertop. Silver appliances also complimented the whole design. Our teams only work with some of the best kitchen designers and suppliers.

Our team at Prestige California Builders not only deals with large remodels but considers the small remodels just as important...

Modern Kitchen

Kitchen Renovation

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