Custom made Kitchen renovation in Azusa

Do you have a kitchen floor plan in mind? With Prestige California Builders, we’ll help you turn your dream kitchen in to reality.

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Whether it’s a contemporary or modern kitchen, our expert designers and builders will renovate your kitchen according to your floor plan. You dream it, we’ll build it!


mary Tania Verney
We had a fantastic experience working with Prestige team to remodel our kitchen. We decided to have one of the most beautiful modern kitchens. Meni with his designers created a very stylish kitchen. This was our first major renovation project, and they were great at helping us through the process.
Our Process: The kitchen is probably the most invigorating, animated, and fun-filled space in the home. We, at Prestige California Builders, pride ourselves of our extensive track record for actualizing kitchen floor plan in Azusa. Every project is assigned to a group of the best interior designers and a master carpenter who work together with our clients to produce pure quality where every detail receives an equal amount of devotion. We specialize in contemporary, modern, and traditional kitchen designs featuring a wide variety of color palettes, designs, and styles.

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