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Have you been wanting to update your kitchen floor plan with a more modern or traditional kitchen? Let us help you turn your dream kitchen in to reality. Today’s trends lean towards an open concept kitchen, but Calabasas’ best interior designers and master carpenters will provide kitchen remodeling options you can choose from.

Let us help you turn your dream kitchen in to reality

Client Satisfaction drives us to provide you with only the highest quality materials available in the market. Whether you only want a fresh coat of paint or doing a complete revamp, we’ll ensure you’ll find amazing designs with great deals at Prestige California Builders.

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Our Process: The kitchen is probably the most invigorating, animated, and fun-filled space in the home. We, at Prestige California Builders, pride ourselves of our extensive track record for actualizing kitchen floor plan in Calabasas. Every project is assigned to a group of the best interior designers and a master carpenter who work together with our clients to produce pure quality where every detail receives an equal amount of devotion. We specialize in contemporary, modern, and traditional kitchen designs featuring a wide variety of color palettes, designs, and styles.


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Our project: a contemporary style kitchen. The team workers were incredibly responsive (a rarity among most contractors) and were always available to answer questions. Meni made great efforts to ensure that we were happy with our project, accommodating adjustments as requested and even adding items beyond our agreement.

We provide you the highest quality service and materials

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