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I ordered a home exterior makeover and I'm very satisfied with their work. They are very friendly and great people to work with. The cost, or at least in my opinion was little in comparison to the quality that we got for the services.

Our clients already had a beautiful home to begin with but, it was missing some necessary stylish exterior paint. Years of extreme weather conditions deteriorated the exterior paint and flooring and brought this beautiful home to be anything but. Now with exterior house colors, it is crucial that as home owners you agree to a certain exterior color scheme.
In this situation, our clients chose to go with neutral beige colors that would compliment their pre-existing stone tile exterior flooring. We also made sure to recondition and to do high pressure wash on the stone tile in order to really bring out its hidden beauty. High pressure cleaning, although one of the most overlooked options in a home renovation, can be one of the simplest ways to revamp an area.

Our team at Prestige California Builders not only deals with large remodels but considers the small remodels just as important...

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Exterior Renovation

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