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Exterior Renovations

Exterior and Stair Revamp

They did a great job at exterior renovations of my House. I was really impressed by this company. They were there exactly on time and did extremely good work. Also the customer service is remarkable and they handle everything like professionals.

At times, we spend so much time focusing on the beautification of the interior of our home that we sometimes forget the exterior is just as important. The exterior of this home proved this situation once again when rain conditions and dirt teamed-up to completely ruin the exterior of our client’s home.
Through our discussed home renovation plans, we came to find out that our clients wanted a simpler way to keep their home’s exterior from ever having to deal with the same situation again. We revamped this home’s exterior by adding variations of stone tiles for an added exterior effect. These stone tiles will also ensure that the previous stains would never happen again. To really bring this home exterior design together we also revamped the stairway to offer a similar stone variation design.

Our team at Prestige California Builders not only deals with large remodels but considers the small remodels just as important...

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Exterior Renovation

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